My Story

My Vision:
For people to be living healthily, embrace well-being, so that their every interaction is loving and compassionate, supporting a peaceful world.

Dear friends,

I hope to get to know you and I think it’s important for you to learn a little about me too.  I am innately a very kind and compassionate person and have a passion for helping people.  I am committed to promoting great health and wellness for the mind, body and soul because I have come to realize that healing needs to occur on these three levels.  This passion stems from my own healing journey, seeking wellness and authenticity. 

On my journey I’ve sought out many therapies and also have become the therapist! I’ve experienced a lot of turmoil in my early life.  However, there has been something inside me telling me that there is more to life than my immediate experience; something that keeps pushing on in amidst of hardship.

Many times I could have given up, but I didn’t because of this hope and perseverance inside me.  I kept on seeking; seeking therapies, knowledge, experiences… to increase my quality of life and wellbeing. I have a deep compassion for others because of this and realize that my hardships led me to my life’s purpose: an ongoing journey of healing myself and others.

Seeking explanations, I completed an Honours B.Sc. in Psychology and Biology, as well as a Masters in Social Work. In my studies and work, my interests led me to explore mental health, addictions, trauma, neuroscience, and mindfulness.  I fulfilled my goal and became a psychotherapist so I could help others navigate through their hardships.

I found yoga through my seeking of a calming, physical exercise in 1999 and discovered that it was much more than exercise- it helped me heal and strengthen on all levels. Becoming a certified yoga teacher in 2010 enhanced my psychotherapy practice! My intention in yoga is to motivate students to build a deeper connection with themselves, so they can achieve their goals.  Still seeking further healing through the discipline of yoga I went to Vancouver and trained in Yin Yoga with Bernie Clark and also trained in Kundalini Yoga with Sat Dharam Kaur, ND.  

My curiosity about wellbeing led me to discover that everything is made of energy-even thoughts and emotions!  At our essence we are energy and have life force energy. And lucky for us we have control over our thoughts, emotions, and energy. There is so much depth to what yoga can do for us because it also works on our energetic body and therefore, the benefits are endless! Understanding yoga as an energy healing practice, I discovered another complementary energy healing practice and became a Reiki Master. 

I have personal interest of how the mind works and am intrigued that the state of the mind has the biggest influence on one's health. For this reason, I have studied and practiced hypnosis, neuroscience, mindfulness, and meditation. I bring this wisdom to my restorative yoga classes to enhance the relaxation experience and enhance restoration of health.  

Today I combine Western psychotherapeutic interventions with hypnosis, yoga and energy work into a holistic healing practice.  I believe that everyone has special gifts and I endeavour to guide people to use their strengths to heal themselves.

I am excited to bring these incredibly healing practices to others and am looking forward to flourishing with you!

Smiles and blessings,
Effie Mitskopoulos, MSW, RSW, CHt, CYT, KYT, Reiki Master