SoulBody Holistic Therapy

Come back into alignment with who you really are! Live a healthy and balanced life!

Your health, energy, and vitality are linked to your emotions, thoughts, and behaviour.  It is my passion to work with you to heal yourself, as I have worked hard to heal myself.  I believe that each and every individual has special gifts and has the strength to heal themselves.  My therapy experience includes supporting a culturally diverse population of individuals experiencing issues with:
Chronic Pain
Heart Conditions
Life transitions
Sleep disturbance
…..and many more!

My calm, compassionate and strengths-based approach creates a safe environment for individuals to express their deeper emotions and is supportive to learning healthy thoughts and behaviour patterns. I support my clients to come to a place of increased understanding and become equipped with tools to embrace a healthy lifestyle and better cope with their health challenges.

Like a leak in a pipe, we uncover the energy drainage in your body, patch it, then fill it with healthy lifestyle choices for the mind, body and soul.  The result is that you fill your body with energy and vitality!

We start where you are, and work within multiple healing modalities:

To uncover, release, and instil healthy thought and behaviour patterns by using:
Solution-focused Therapy
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
Dialetical Behaviour Therapy
Structured Relapse Therapy
Harm Reduction
Narrative Therapy
Life Coaching


Has an element  of therapy and an element of meditation, thus all the benefits of both apply.

We work toward you achieving your goals:

              increase motivation,  habit and addiction change (i.e. smoking, eating, study                         habits..etc.), increase self-esteem, build concentration, remove fears, stress      
              reduction, therapeutic work such as working through emotional difficulties and 
              much more!

Hypnosis separates the conscious, critical mind from the sub- and unconscious mind in order for positive suggestion (that change you want) to be more powerful for you. It helps the change process become easier.

Everyone naturally goes in and out of hypnosis throughout the day.  Think of when you've watched a movie that you were in to and realized more time (or less time) had gone by then you thought? You were hypnotized by the movie. However, you are completely in control. If the fire alarm went off, or you smelled smoke, your mind would automatically orient you to the present moment and get you out of the theatre.

A mind in hypnosis is a mind in meditative state-somewhere in between waking and sleep. These brain states are very restorative in nature and allow for change (what ever you need help with) to happen quicker and easier.

To strengthen the brain, improve emotional regulation, decision making, problem solving, peace, and connection to your greater Source.

Emotions are also held in the body.  Yoga is used to release these deep seeded emotions, mobilize energy, rehabilitate, and strengthen the mind, body, and soul. Multiple techniques are used including static and dynamic poses, as well as scientifically designed Kundalini breathing and meditative techniques.

Removing energy blockages to improve well-being. Please see Reiki Page for detailed information.

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* DID YOU KNOW…Registered social work services are covered by extended health benefits?