Effie is kind, compassionate, patient and knowledgeable. In Effieʼs hands you feel secure and listened to. She definitely lives what she teaches. No matter what issue I have from stress to stiffness, she is able to help.  ~ Sharon  

Effie is unlike any yoga instructor I've had before, she is the reason I now look forward to my weekly restorative yoga session.  She encourages our class to accept ourselves as we are today.  Her melodic voice and calming nature help to unwind my mind and reduce tension in my body.  I feel relaxed and recharged at the end of her class. ~Dawn.

Effie has a very gentle voice and manner. Her restorative classes are soothing. I have always found her to be receptive to feedback and open to suggestion. Enjoy!

Hey Effie,
Thank you very much for the private yoga lesson. It was challenging yet peaceful and I felt very welcomed by your friendly personality. It is greatly appreciated. Take care and happy holidays.


I had the pleasure of taking a beginner's yoga class at the Jaya Yoga Centre taught by Effie. The first thing I noticed was how calming and soothing her voice was. She took the time to correct my posture and really emphasized the importance of breathing. After the class, I felt very relaxed with a more positive attitude towards the rest of my day. Her knowledge in yoga is vast. I'd recommend Effie as a yoga instructor to anyone from beginners to advanced.

~Cecilia de Martino, naturopathic doctor

Being a novice Yoga student, I am writing as a testimonial of Effie’s amazing yoga instruction.  I had the pleasure of Effie’s instruction in a small class setting where I felt that attention and care was given to myself and the other students in the class.

I am fit, active person who mainly uses weight training and swimming to achieve my health goals. I looked to Effie and her yoga instruction as a way to improve my flexibility, and mental focus. I enjoyed her calming personality and ability to guide me as I went through the positions, reminding me to be gentle and forgiving with my body. By the end of the yoga class I felt energized and centered and I highly recommend her classes for interested yoga students. 

Thank you Effie!


Thinking that I was just going to "another" type of yoga class, I step foot into Effie's Yin Yang yoga one Wednesday evening. After the class, I felt my hips are stretched. So I said to myself "ok! feels good, let's come back again". After going to Effie's class every week for 3 months, I noticed my hips are a lot more opened and flexible. When I strike a pose in the other Hatha clases, it's a lot easier. Thanks Effie! Now I am one of your regular students every week. ~ J.W.

Private Group Yoga Session